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Country Homes France will normally respond the same day, by email or telephone to your enquiry for properties in France, and welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements in detail.

We ask our clients to provide us with as much information as possible to help us find a property in France that matches your needs. Please contact us if you have any questions.

You will pay the same price for your home in France through Country Homes France as you will through local French property agents – because the French agencies share their commission with us. Therefore there are no hidden or up-front charges for our services. The purchase price you pay includes our help and advice throughout the purchase procedure.

The Visit

Having chosen a selection of property for sale in France we will make arrangements with our agents for you to visit and view your choices. Our agents may also have properties that have just been placed on the market - and, if these are appropriate, these may be offered to you at the time of your visit.

We can offer help with your viewing trip and offer help with accommodation.

All of our agents speak English.

Our agents will discuss your requirements in more detail adding this to the information supplied by ourselves. This we find will help to match your requirements more closely and minimise the risk of unproductive time looking for a property in France.

All viewing's are accompanied by one of our qualified partner agents.

The Purchase

Having chosen your property in France, you may find the following guide useful:

  • Purchase prices are quoted in Euros
  • Prices quoted normally include the agent’s commission but do not include the Notaire's fees and taxes unless otherwise stated. These normally represent around 8% of the purchase price
  • Remember - always check with the agents or with Country Homes France for confirmation of what is included in the quoted price prior to making an offer
  • The asking price may be negotiable and either Country Homes France or the agent can advise you on any offer you wish to make.
  • Your offer can be made either to the agent in France or through Country Homes France. As the market in France is very buoyant at the present time, you are advised to let the agent know you that are interested - or call Country Homes France.
  • Country Homes France and our agents will always try to secure the very best price for you.
  • Offers to purchase can contain a number of conditions. For instance, securing a mortgage may be one of these and a special clause must be included to cover this.
  • Any contract is conditional on reports being provided and paid for by the seller, for asbestos, electricity, lead in the paint, drainage, natural risks, thermal efficiency and in certain areas termites. Before completion, first contracts can be conditional on you obtaining planning permission, where required. A first contract will always be conditional on establishing rightful ownership.
  • Commitment to purchase does not happen until you have signed the first contract and paid a deposit (normally 10% of the purchase price). Unlike the UK you do have a 10 day cooling-off period in which you can change your mind.
  • Country Homes France and our agents will be on hand to guide and help you throughout the entire purchase procedure. This is all part of our service to you and is included free of charge.
  • As in the UK all property conveyancing must be carried out by a legally qualified person - the Notaire. Our agent in France will be pleased to recommend a local Notaire to you. The Notaire will ensure that all searches, reports and conditional clauses have been completed prior to the final signature. Our agents normally attend the final signing with you and, if required, a translator will be present.
  • Country Homes France and our French agents will assist you throughout the purchase procedure which is normally between 2-4 months.

Country Homes France and our French agents will help you to own your new home in France!

The Legalities of Buying a Property in France

Country Homes will help guide you through the final stages of your purchase of a property in France.

Once you have found a property you wish to buy and the price has been agreed, the vendor will be required to sign a first contract, known as Compromis de Vente. You will then sign and pay your deposit - normally 10% of the agreed purchase price. The purchaser benefits from a 10 day cooling-off period in which you can change your mind and withdraw from the purchase without any financial loss. Providing the correct withdrawal procedure has been complied with - Country Homes France can assist and advise you with this.

After the 10 day period has passed, your deposit is only refundable if one or more of the conditional clauses - Clauses Suspensive - has not been met. If for example you require a mortgage and you are unable to arrange this with a lender, (loan refusal) then a letter from the lender (broker or bank) must be sent to the Notaire (solicitor) following which the Notaire will refund your deposit. The first contract commits both parties to complete subject to the conditional clauses. Providing the correct withdrawal procedure has been complied with - Country Homes France can assist and advise you with this.

The Notaire will carry out all the formalities and searches as in the UK and ensure the property is suitable for sale. He is empowered by the French Government to collect Taxes on their behalf. It is quite usual for the Notaire to act for both parties and the buyer will pay the fees.

A short while before the final signature (normally 2-4 months later) you will be required to provide the balance of the purchase price plus the cost of the legal fees, this allows the purchase to proceed to completion.

It is usual for both the buyer and seller to attend the final signing “Acte de Vente”. If you are unable to attend then a Power of Attorney can be put in place and we would be pleased to advise you regards this. Note: A Power of Attorney MUST be arranged prior to the final signing.

Fees and Taxes

The Notaire's fees and tax (stamp duty) are normally charged at approximately 8% of the purchase price.


There are NO other purchase costs to buyers.

Country Homes France or our agents will advise you regarding local council tax which is collected annually in arrears. Prior to completion the property must be insured! Country Homes France or our agents will be happy to arrange this for you, in some cases you may be able to take over the seller’s policy.

Bank Accounts

We recommend that you open a French bank account to pay utility bills - essential if you have a mortgage. Again Country Homes France or our agents can advise you about this.

Remember - Country Homes France are here to help you at every stage!

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